Volunteering is an act of reciprocity between what you give and what you receive. Here is a breakdown of what you have the right to expect from an organization, and what an organization can expect from you in return.

Category: Rights and responsibilities

Volunteer Responsibilities

In performing their tasks, volunteers are held to certain requirements on the part of the organization they are working with. The volunteer is responsible for : 

Good faith

To have a good understanding of what is being asked of them before committing, to understand the limitations and constraints of the position and to only accept responsibility that corresponds to their needs, skills and availability. 


To be open and honest about their motivation and goals, to enforce their limits and say no when necessary.


To complete their work to the best of their ability, effectively and on time.


To be discreet with information on the organization, clients and members, and to have a thorough understanding of the organization’s policies, structure and mission.


To agree to being led and supervised by the individual responsible for volunteers, to complete training provided by the organization and to alert their supervisor when a problem arises, or a question goes unanswered.


To be honest about what they like and dislike about the tasks and to suggest improvements or changes. To offer suggestions, express their opinions frankly and to solicit honest comments. 

Maturity et professionalism

To be punctual, respect commitments, act courteously with team members and clients, advise their supervisor as soon as possible if they cannot attend a training session or show up for their volunteer work.