Make an informed choice

Here are a few questions that can help you pinpoint the volunteer activity
that is best for you. 
You can download the questionnaire and if you still want to get
involved once it is completed, 
you can book an appointment with
Chantal Puvilland at 450.472.9540 or by

My personal motivation
  • How did I conclude that I wanted to volunteer ?
  • What are the goals and objectives I want to accomplish by volunteering ?
  • How can I accomplish those goals ?
My interests
  • What do I like/ not like to do ?
  • What is the ideal volunteer situation for me ?
  • Do I want to work directly with clients or support an organization ?
  • What kind of clientele and field am I interested in ?
My availability, requirements
  • Am I able to commit on a regular or occasional basis ?
  • How many hours per week can I commit, and for how long ?
  • What are my limits or constraints ?
My skills
  • Do I have the qualities and skills required for this kind of work ?
  • Do I want to put one of my strengths to use or am I looking to develop other aspects of my personality ?