Message from the Executive Director

The word that comes to mind to describe the services and projects of our year is evolution. Since its creation, our Organization has ceased to change, adapt and evolve in particular this year. In regard to our clientele, we have experienced an increase from 2,171 to 2,508. The increase aging of the population and his desire to remain as long as possible at home come to corroborate this finding. Our most advanced steps with the Laurentians CISSS allowed us to help many more people with loss of autonomy which resulted in an increase in certain services. For the Carrefour 50 +, new activities were proposed for members whose number is still rising.

In terms of projects, this year has been successful. First of all, the workshops of culinary learning for men have allowed the training of 24 persons and with the continuation of the project; it will be the same number for next year. The FRASLA grant facilitated the translation of the texts in English on our website. A 2nd phase for next year will permit us to continue the steps initiated for our live online. In addition, the Familia foundation and the city of Saint-Eustache largely helped us change equipment in the kitchen.

For vulnerable seniors, the project was materialized only in the last 4 months of last year. You can imagine the extent of assistance that can be provided for a full year. We have sustained in different ways seniors with special problems. We are always involved with the Committee for the prevention of senior abuse and present in various committees in relation to the senior clientele.

Finally, we were able to put our ideas on paper and proposed two new projects that will emerge in 2018-2019. The first one is called «Appuyons nos proches aidants».  It will support in different ways people who are helping a loved one cope with the loss of their autonomy. The second is entitled «Ensemble contre l’intimidation».  It will be a whole new approach in the form of a playful game to inform and make seniors aware of this issue.

We are ready to deal with changes and to adapt to the new realities. We have a fantastic team from the Board of administration, to the full-time employees and let us not forget our volunteers. And next year, we plan to celebrate the mark of our Organization’s 40th anniversary.

Ginette Bordeleau
Executive Director