Le CAB Les Artisans de l'Aide est présent sur plusieurs comités et participe
à des différentes tables de concertation qui oeuvrent auprès
des personnes aînées répondant ainsi à sa mission.

Board of Directors of the Solidarity Cooperative "Bon Ménage" of the Laurentian Basses

Created in 1998, the Cooperative offers housekeeping services to the entire population but especially to seniors and people with loss of autonomy. Its objective is to establish a partnership with the community for the delivery of domestic help services. The two volunteer centres covering the territory of the Cooperative are represented on the Board of Directors.

Committee for the prevention of abuse to Seniors in the MRC Deux-Montagnes and South of Mirabel

Composed of representatives of organizations, institutions and police forces, this committee aims to raise awareness of the problems of abuse and mistreatment by disseminating information, developing partnerships and organizing activities or events. Another, the development of prevention and intervention protocol to counter mistreatment is at the heart of discussions and approaches.

Community and Compensatory Work

We work closely with the Laval Volunteer Center and the Department of Justice on the community or compensatory work. We supervise the hours and the work done by the offenders.

Community Collective Deux-Montagnes and South Mirabel

This group deals with the promotion and advocacy of the community organizations of the MRC Deux-Montagnes and Sud of Mirabel, as well as the clienteles served. He is the bridge between the community organizations and the ROCL (delegation of one of its members to the Board of Directors). It encourages sharing and collaboration between organizations. In October of each year, the group holds a promotional activity during the week of visibility of community organizations.

Concertation Table 3rd Age of the MRC Deux-Montagnes

Set up in 1989, this consultative body brings together health and social services institutions, community organizations and municipal representatives. The meetings help to promote the flow of information, identify spheres of involvement in seniors' issues and establish an annual action plan.

Family Policy of the city of Saint-Eustache (municipality approach "Friends of Seniors")

Since 2004, the City of Saint-Eustache has had a family policy that has improved over the years. The municipality has brought together various partners for the development, application and integration of a specific component in the seniors-friendly municipality initiative. We represented the senior clientele and influenced the steps and actions to be taken. www.saint-eustache.ca

Federation of Volunteer Action Centres of Quebec (FCABQ)

Established in 1972, the Federation is a non-profit organization that brings together 115 centres in all regions of Quebec. She sponsors Volunteer Week. In addition to providing its members with a documentation centre and organizing an annual symposium, it looks after the interests of volunteer centres and is involved in the development of government policieswww.fcabq.org

Grouping of Volunteer Action Centres of Laurentides (RCABL)

It brings together the seven volunteer centres of the Laurentians. Directors meet regularly to discuss issues, issues, visions and mobilization. The group has delegated a representative to the Board of Directors of the FCABQ and to the Board of Directors of ROCL.

Quebec Association of Community Centres for Seniors (AQCCA)

As the only provincial group, this association plays the role of representation and support for more than fifty community centres in Quebec. It promotes the flow of information by producing a newsletters 4 to 6 times a year and provides training for staff and volunteers on topics of interest. She organizes an annual symposium. This is an excellent reference for our Carrefour 50+ servicewww.aqcca.org

Regrouping Community Organizations of Laurentians (ROCL)

This group defends the rights and interests of more than 150 community member organizations in the Laurentians. The ROCL aims at a society of justice, equity, solidarity and democracy. He is involved in the development of government policies. It provides support to organizations by offering more than a dozen courses each year and publishes an information journal on a regular basiswww.roclaurentides.com

Regrouping Meals on Wheels and other volunteer food services (PRASAB)

This group brings together volunteer organizations offering meals or food to people with loss of autonomy. It promotes the exchange of information with the publication of a newsletter on a regular basis. It educates the community and represents the members of the various governmental authorities. He organizes an annual congress. www.popotes.org

Salon "After 50 years, it's moving"

Coming from the 3rd Age Concertation Table of the MRC Deux-Montagnes, this show aims to raise awareness of the services offered on the territory. We have participated in the organization since its very first edition in 2009. At the last exhibitions now held every two years, we had the privilege of receiving Judi Richards (2012), Claudette Taillefer (2014) and Shirley Théroux (2016). So it's an appointment for 2018.