CAB Mission

The CAB Les Artisans de l’Aide’s mission is to promote and develop quality volunteerism with the goal of community aid. Through our services and activities, we actively work to improve individual and collective quality of life. We encourage an individual’s autonomy and support them remaining in their home environment, as well as the development and integration of various groups in the community.

Volunteering is a path to personal growth and social development offering a window to the world. It is also an important resource for those requiring material and human assistance.

Volunteering is so valuable, you can't put a price on it.

  • Promote, develop and highlight volunteerism
  • Guide, train, frame and encourage the personal and social development of volunteers
  • Help improve individual and collective quality of life
  • Develop services that meet the needs of individuals to improve their wellbeing
  • Provide in-home support services to adults experiencing loss of autonomy
  • Support community organizations

Our MISSION involves three areas of support.
Your CONTRIBUTION helps us support the senior population.