Our paid staff is an essential resource to ensure smooth operations and the continuity of our centre in the community.
Our permanent team counts six individuals who guide, supervise, support and lead 138 volunteers
who completed 49,957 hours of volunteer work for 1,888 clients in 2015-2016.

The team meets regularly to plan services for individuals and organizations, as well as activities and projects.

Ginette Bordeleau

Title : Executive Director
Services : Business management • Human Resources • Services
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I have worked at CAB since 1986, and I am as motivated in my executive director role as I was at the very beginning. I love to be involved in all our projects. I adore my team. I cannot say enough and am so appreciative of the involvement of all our volunteers. Volunteer work is so precious that it cannot be given a price.

Diane Lamer

Title : Administrative Assistant
Services : Help with forms • Friendly visit • Knit for the cause
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I have worked at CAB since 1990, and still love my job as administrative assistant and the various files I work on. I am here to listen, and am devoted to our clients. I believe that time is never lost when it is given to others.

Claudine Langlois

Title : Coordinator
Services : Transport and accompaniment • Grocery assistance • Family access transport
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I have worked at CAB since 1994, coordinating transport-accompaniment services, I love my work and am always ready to learn and improve the service. I am very sensitive and ready to hear our clients’ stories.

Nicole Puvilland

Title : Coordinator 
Services : Meals on wheels (Saint-Eustache and Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac)
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I have worked at CAB since 1990, coordinating our meal service. I am responsible for purchasing meal supplies, and soliciting merchants and farmers to make the service more affordable. I love being asked to organize activities for volunteers!

Chantal Puvilland

Title : Coordinator
Services : Community lunch • Volunteer interviews
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I have worked at CAB since 1991, coordinating community lunches and running interviews with volunteers. I am passionate about my work. To me, communicating with and listening to others is very fulfilling. Working with this team and our volunteers is my greatest pleasure.

Lise Gingras

Title : Coordinator
Services : Programming and registration for Carrefour 50+
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I have worked at CAB since 2007, and adore my job as coordinator of Carrefour 50+.  A superb team, wonderful volunteers, dynamic and entertaining programming for more than 800 active members - what more should I expect ?

Brigitte Bolduc

Title : Social worker
Services : Support, support for Caregivers for seniors 
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Caregiver for many years, I am sensitive to the reality of these "Everyday Heroes". Guide, accompany, support and tools are skills that I have developed and I want to share with you. I think it's important to be surrounded by people, resources and services that can help us navigate the winding path that the Caregivers offer a loved one. Together we will try to identify solutions to maintain a balance in your life. 



Helene Martineau

Title : Community worker
Services : Vulnerable seniors • Senior abuse • Rappid+OR
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I have worked at CAB since 2016, as community worker for the senior population. I am committed to the values of support and mutual aid, and am here to provide a ready ear, respect, advice, guidance, support and information to you and your loved ones.