Support for volunteers

Volunteers are an invaluable resource, and are at the heart of our mission.

Volunteering is an act of exchange, an act of life and social development based on citizen action and the desire to connect that rests on the values of giving and responsibility. It is influenced by the causes and communities in which it takes place. Volunteers gain from the experience and their contribution goes well beyond the tasks they complete.

Developing modern volunteerism means ensuring this experience and affirming the real contribution of volunteers.


  • training to support volunteers in their work;
  • volunteer support tools;
  • tools to improve the accessibility and deployment of volunteer action;
  • a volunteer action recognition policy.

Source of inspiration:


The volunteer’s role is to accompany the client to their grocery store of choice, read labels, help them with their choices, and transport the goods to their home. The service may include a visit to the bank, if necessary. The volunteer gives their availability to the service coordinator. 


Your role is to accompany the client to medical appointments in your own vehicle, to assist them at local clinics and at hospitals in Greater Montreal while providing psychological support. The service may involve a stop at the pharmacy after the appointment. The volunteer gives their availability to the coordinator and may choose local or Montreal transports. You can accept or refuse any service request, and will be reimbursed for the use of your vehicle.

Reception and referral

Most phone calls are answered by our volunteers, who work on a half-day schedule. The volunteer gives their availability to the service coordinator and is assigned a schedule. Tasks include answering calls, and referring calls to employees depending on the caller’s request and needs. The volunteer may also refer some calls to other organizations or agencies, when appropriate.

Help with forms

The volunteer’s role is to help the client fill out paperwork from municipal, provincial, or federal bodies. The volunteer gives their availability to the service coordinator. The work may be done at the CAB office or, if the client cannot come to the office, the volunteer may visit the client’s home.

Community lunch

This service is provided every Thursday at the CAB office. Teams are made with the approval of the service coordinator, and menus are prepared according to tastes, themes (Valentine’s Day, sugaring off, Halloween, Christmas) or to reflect specials being offered in grocery stores. There are three volunteer categories:
Cooking : preparing the meal (main dish or dessert).
Transport : driving the client from their home in your own vehicle.
Animation : welcoming clients on arrival, making connections and animating activities.

Meal delivery service

Two volunteer opportunities are available :
Meal preparation (soup, main dish and dessert) and packaging. Volunteers arrive at 8:00 a.m. and leave around 11:30 a.m.
Home delivery with a driver and a companion. Volunteers using their own vehicle will be reimbursed for usage costs. Volunteers arrive around 10:45 a.m. and finish around 1:00 p.m.

Companion visit

The volunteer's role is to provide psychological support to help counter isolation. Le rôle du bénévole est d’apporter un support psychologique afin de briser l’isolement social. Les visites amicales se font au domicile de la clientèle sur une base hebdomadaire fixée selon une entente entre la coordonnatrice du service, le bénévole et la clientèle. Le bénévole soumet ses disponibilités à la coordonnatrice du service.