Having trouble? Don’t wait until you burn out. Lean on available community services to lighten your daily load.


Community organizations dedicated to seniors provide a wide-range of services to support you in your role as caregiver and to help you with your tasks.

By taking advantage of these services, you will avoid burnout and be a quality presence for the senior being cared for.

The community worker can help you find the best resources for your situation. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Hélène Martineau at 450.472.9540 or by email.


Everyone knows that caregivers have a lot resting on their shoulders. The tasks and responsibilities involved in caring for a family member are not only numerous, but essential. Caring for a loved one full- or part-time is a real challenge, as is the psychological burden that comes with it.

To remain healthy, caregivers need to learn how to recognize the signs of burnout.

Are you a caregiver? Does someone you care about responsible for providing care to a senior? Learn to recognize the signs before it is too late. Symptoms include:

  1. Increasing fatigue: you should never ignore this symptom!
  2. Impatience, irritability: the person may display unusual or unexpected reactions.
  3. Gradually losing touch with friends and family: need a break from time to time.
  4. Loss of interest in activities the person used to always make time for.
  5. Weakened immune system: pay attention to the signals and get some rest.
  6. Frequent sadness: pay attention to this symptom and don’t ignore it.
  7. Change in appetite or weight: symptom of burnout and possibly depression.
  8. Trouble sleeping: sleep issues should never be ignored!
  9. Desire to let everything go: discouragement can be a sign of burnout.
  10. Significant decrease in physical activity: need to find time to move.


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