History of volunteering


Quebec, volunteering comes in many forms—organizing and supervising events, serving on a board of directors, door-to-door solicitation, providing care or help. Nearly 2-million Quebecers, or 22% of the population, have benefited from the generosity of goodwill and non-profit organizations.

Some volunteers go through official channels, such as one or several groups or organizations. On average, they have given 150 hours each, for a total of 197-million hours. That is the equivalent of 102,591 full-time jobs, worked 40 hours per week for 48 weeks per year.

The number of volunteers decreases with age. However, the average number of hours given tends to increase from the age of 45, reaching its maximum in people aged 65 and over.

Age group Rate of volunteering Average number of hours
45-54 26% 149
55-64 19% 188
65 et plus 15% 264


What Quebec volunteers do

Quebecers participate in volunteer activities of all kinds, to the benefit of individuals, organizations and local collectives. In addition to organizing events, serving on a board of directors or participating in fundraising campaigns, here is a list of the kinds of volunteer activities that have directly benefited others:

  • Visiting seniors
  • Accompanying seniors to medical appointments or on errands such as grocery shopping
  • Babysitting a child/children
  • Writing letters, solving problems
  • Helping the ill or elderly
  • Gardening or maintenance work
  • Housework and cleaning work
  • Cooking
  • Teaching or acting as a volunteer trainer
  • Managing a business