Meal delivery service


Clients welcome our volunteers with their usual kindness. They love our home-cooked meals. Think you may need this service?

Contact person : Nicole Puvilland
Reach us by phone at 450.472.9540 or by email.

By delivering hot, nutritious meals, meals on wheels hopes to improve quality of life for clients that are experiencing permanent or temporary loss of autonomy. It is a key element to providing in-home support and to countering isolation with a volunteer visit at the time of delivery.

Interested in volunteering? Learn more about your options here : Where to volunteer ?


All requests must go through the CAB Les Artisans de l’Aide office. We will confirm eligibility using the following criteria:

  • Anyone experiencing loss of autonomy and has trouble preparing meals.
  • Anyone experiencing loss of autonomy due to age, illness or handicap.
  • Open to residents of the RMC of Deux-Montagnes and Mirabel South. Apart from the Municipality of Deux-Montagnes, this service is provided by « Meals on wheels ». Please contact Ms. Green at 450.473.9386.
  • If the individual is evaluated and referred by someone in the health and social services network and meets the eligibility criteria, their service request will be accepted.
  • If the requestor has not yet been evaluated, an employee from the centre will perform the evaluation. The requestor must also meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Requests must be received several days in advance. We cannot accept same-day requests.
  • The financial donation amount made by the clients is set by the board of directors.
  • HLM (low-rent housing) residents and residents of private establishments offering a meal service are not eligible.